Pillowcase Sets of Rayon from Bamboo/ in Sage by BedVoyage

Pillowcase Sets of Rayon from Bamboo/ in Sage by BedVoyage
Hi-Country Bedding and Bath
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BedVoyage Bamboo Pillowcases are made from 100% rayon from bamboo, are subtly cool and extremely breathable, with a feel softer to the touch than a 1,000 thread-count Pima cotton. The pillowcases will not pill nor fade. Bamboo is an easy care and durable fiber, and those with sensitive skin will benefit from the round bamboo fibers which are extremely smooth against the skin.
Full Size = Set of 2 / 20" x 30"
Queen Size = Set of 2 / 21” x 34”
King Size = Set of 2 /  21” x 40”

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More information about Bamboo
Does the fitted sheet have a deep pocket? They are 18” deep, with elastic all the way around, not just at the corners like most sheets. This way whether you have a Tempurpedic or a pillow-top, the fitted will stay snug.
Do they wash the same as cotton sheets? The only difference is that bamboo is best cared for by washing in cold water and drying on low. It adds longevity to them if you wash them properly. If you abuse them by washing and drying on hot you can cause the sheets to pill. Also, bamboo is naturally odor resistant, so if you are used to using bleach to kill any bacteria there is no need to do that as bacteria cannot grow on bamboo.
Do they shrink? Bamboo does shrink a little bit the first time that you wash it. We’ve oversized the fitted sheet on purpose to allow for the shrinkage, so do wash them before using to get a perfect fit. What happens if the sheets accidentally get washed or dried with high heat? A: you won’t harm them, but they may shrink just a bit. If you repeatedly do this though, you may cause the linens to pill, so it’s recommended to always wash and dry on cold.
How long will they last? Typically 3 years if you wash and put right back on the bed, and about 5 years if you rotate them with other linens.
Does the color ever fade? No, we have used reactive dye to keep the color deep and true.
Do you have extra pillowcases I can buy? We offer these on our web site.
Can I hang them dry if I want to? Yes, you can. Once they’re dry, if you’d like to keep the silky softness just toss them in the drier on high for 5 minutes.
Do they wrinkle a lot? They will get a soft wrinkle when you sleep on them, but they will never get a hard crease like cotton sheets do, those you can’t even iron out.
Can I iron them? Yes, you can if you like, you can even iron on high. But another trick is that if you dry them on high for the last 10 minutes of the cycle, or if you forgot to take them out immediately, they will come out smooth.
Oily skin, will the sheets get stain marks? If they do, you can spray Oxy Clean directly onto the stain, it should wash right out. Or you can apply a paste-like mixture of baking soda on the stain and then wash.
Features Benefits
Washing Information Bamboo sheets get even softer when you wash them. They change from being just a silky feel to a mixture of cashmere and silk, they feel very cozy and simply incredible. Our linens are made 2% larger than the dimensions, to accommodate the shrinkage on the first wash.
1. Wash on cold and dry on low
2. Use a mild detergent
3. We do not recommend using fabric softener or bleaching regularly, but a mild bleach may be used occasionally if needed.
• We put elastic all the way around the fitted sheet so that your sheet will never pop off, unlike most sheets that just have elastic at the corners.
• Our top sheet is one foot longer, so that you can tuck in as much as you need at the foot, and still have lots of fabric to flip over the bedding at the top.
• We’ve made our pillowcases just a bit roomier so that you don’t have to work so hard to insert your pillow.
• All of our fitted sheets are 18” deep so that they will fit most pillow-top mattresses.
• Our bamboo linens are 300 thread count, which is the highest you can go with bamboo in order to keep the natural bamboo benefits.
Hi-Country Bedding and Bath
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