Microcotton Luxury Bath Towels in Aqua by Caro Home

Microcotton Luxury Bath Towels in Aqua by Caro Home
Tub Mat - Hi-Country Bedding and Bath
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Imported MicroCotton® Luxury is recognized as the best towel collection in the industry. MicroCotton® is trademarked as one of the finest cottons in the world. Made from an exceptional quality cotton yarn, MicroCotton® is 100% natural with an extra-long staple. The MicroCotton® Luxury towels are soft, absorbent, bulky, quick-drying, and non-linting. The colors are dyed with eco-friendly, azo-free reactive dyes in a beautiful palette that is neutral and calm with carefully curated pops of color – perfect for any décor!

Bath Towels - 27" x 54"
Body Sheet - 33" x 70"
Hand Towels - 16" x 30"
Shower Towel - 30" x 60"
Tub Mat - 20" x 34"
Wash Cloth - 13" x 13"

Color: Aqua

100% long staple, very fine cotton.
600 GSM.
Exceptionally soft, super absorbent, quick drying and no linting.
Rated the best cotton towel by Real Simple magazine.
Machine Washable.

These usually ship out within 2 to 5 business days when in stock.
Features Benefits
• MicroCotton® is a trademarked brand for an exceptionally high-quality cotton yarn. It is 100% natural cotton with a very long staple length (much longer than the commonly used qualities of Egyptian cotton) and is silk-like in its finest. • MicroCotton® is amongst the best cottons grown in the world.
• It is naturally exceptionally soft, light feeling yet bulky. • It absorbs water almost instantaneously – about 250% faster than a regular cotton towel.
• It dries quickly when hung-up or in the drier, drying is less than half the time of the best qualities of Egyptian cotton towels. • It does not lint, so the towel will last for many years with normal use and care.
• MicroCotton® towels look and feel luxurious. • It takes 120 fibers to make up the thickness of the loop yarns (versus between 30 and 40 for a regular towel) and it is this high fiber count quality that allows the MicroCotton® towel to absorb faster than any other towel because of the much higher number of spaces between the fibers.
• The high fiber count also allows air to pass through the towel easier, allowing the MicroCotton® towel to dry quickly. • The natural softness of MicroCotton® towels can be enhanced by routinely washing your towels with one third or less of the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer for your type of machine – towels are designed to absorb and they will retain excess soap which will make them feel harsh.
• Select second rinse option on your washing machine if available. • Tumble dry on low (preferred) to medium heat – Dry no more than a half load of towels at a time to keep them fluffy.
• Never use fabric softeners or drier sheets – these products coat the cotton yarns to make them feel soft, but will prevent the cotton from absorbing. • All the characteristics of MicroCotton® towels are natural and, therefore, permanent.
• MicroCotton® towels are dyed with high quality, azo-free reactive dyes that are completely friendly to the environment. • Independently rated by a major consumer magazine as THE BEST towel on the market.
• We know that our MicroCotton® towel will become your favorite towel.
Hi-Country Bedding and Bath
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