Pouf 57 - Square - Surya

Pouf 57 - Square - Surya
Red and Orange Colors - Hi-Country Bedding and BathYellow and Green Colors - Hi-Country Bedding and BathBlue and Purple Colors - Hi-Country Bedding and Bath
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This stylish square pouf is the perfect addition to any space. Colors of dark khaki and white accent this pouf. This pouf is sure to bring style to any room. Get the story on your favorite hues, what they represent and the sensations they trigger.  The more you know, the more fun the choosing.  Whether rug or accessory, Surya offers a vast range of shades for a richer, more intimately appointed space that is 100% you.  Vibrant colors will bring life and new mearning to your room. Throws, pillows, poufs and art — Surya accessories let you revamp, update and freshen your look at minimal cost. Go seasonal, get jazzy or make a personal statement. The possibilities are endless. The classics get richer with accessories that tie it all together. Red pillow balances out the rug color without overwhelming the room. A knitted throw brings a subtle touch of elegance. Make a neutral palette interesting. Shape, texture and pattern bring dynamics to a room with predominantly earthy tones. Pastel accents keep it soft and calm without feeling washed out. Mixing patterns and vibrant color can bring energy to a room, making it feel cheerful and inviting. Use accessories that complement the rug to create a cohesive, yet eclectic space.

Size:  18" x 18" x 18"

Made of: 100% Cotton

These usually ship with in 10 to 15 business days.  If not in stock we will let you know the approximate time of shipping.
Hi-Country Bedding and Bath
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