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Combed Cotton:  Cotton fibers are obtained from the seed of a cotton plant.  Combing separates the long desirable fibers from the short immature fibers to create a strong smother yarn. 

Pima & Supima Cotton:   
A very strong, high-grade cotton of medium staple developed from selected cottons in the southwest United States.  

Egyptian Cotton:  
Cotton grown exclusively in Egypt and the longest fiber staples in the world.  This means less lint, more durability, more luster and a softer feel. 

Percale:  For United States standards, Percale simply means that the material is a minimum of 180 threads per square inch, however, many European mills, as with Italian bedding, will refer to their 100% cotton bedding as Percale or Percale which in this case means that the material is a 100% cotton and a type of construction which is consistent with percale in the US meaning a non sateen 100% bed sheet.

Thread Count:
 Thread count is determined by how many threads are in one square inch of fabric. In the 180 count sheets, one square inch of fabric would have 100 threads going in one direction, with 80 threads going in the opposite direction. Add the 100 with the 80 and that equals the 180 thread count.

You are most likely to see references to thread count on packaging and advertising for sheets. Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven in one square inch of fabric. Thread count can range from 80 to 1000 (and maybe more by now). In general, the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric feels and the more pill-resistant it is. But, when buying sheets, there are things to consider besides the number of threads.Three additional components are important when considering thread count: yarn size and ply. Yarn size refers to the thickness of the yarns that are used to make the fabric. A higher yarn size means a finer yarn. Generally sheets are made from a yarn size range of 40 to 100. Obviously, the finer the yarn, the more of them will fit in a square inch. Ply refers to the number of individual yarns used as a strand. Single ply fabric is woven from one, individual yarn; 2-ply fabric is made from yarns that are twisted together and then woven. If 2-ply yarn is used, the finished construction will have twice the thread count of the same construction made from single ply yarn. 2-ply yarn must be made from a very high yarn size (like 100) or they will feel thick and heavy.

Another important consideration is fiber. Sheets may be made from various cottons, various cotton blends, polyester, or other man-made fibers. Cotton/polyester blends outsell cotton sheets largely because they wrinkle less and cost less. Be sure the read the label to determine the amount of cotton in the sheets. It may say Egyptian or Pima cotton (high quality, soft, strong types of cotton), but contain only a small percentage of it.

<span style="font-size:=" "="" monotype="">Mystic Valley Traders

 Mystic Valley Traders bedding ensemble features a carefully coordinated selection of bed coverings and decorative pillows.  Here are the components we choose from when deciding How To Make A Bed.

Throw Coverlet – A loosely structured bed covering typically found in MVT’s Quick-Ship Collections.  Throw Coverlets usually have a 15” drop and are meant to be paired with a bedskirt.  They feature rounded corners and fabric piping edges, and they have no pillow tuck.

Fitted Coverlet – A more refined bed covering featuring piping or trim around the bed perimeter.  Fitted Coverlets are lined and include gussets at the corners. They are meant to be used with a bedskirt and do not have a pillow tuck.  Standard drops for fitted coverlets are 15” and 19”.

Duvet – A lofty bedcover combining a decorative Duvet Cover shell and a separate Duvet Fill of polyester or down.  Duvets are edged in piping or trim and are often reversible.  For a sumptuous layered look, feature a Duvet or Coverlet as a bedcovering and a Duvet folded at the foot of the bed. Mystic Valley Traders also sells down fill and polyfill inserts specially sized for MVT Duvets.  Super-Sized Duvets in Queen and King sizes better accommodate pillow-top mattresses.

Bedskirt – The Bedskirt dresses the lower perimeter of the bed below the boxspring.  Also known as a dust ruffle, Bedskirts typically feature a 14” or 18” drop.  MVT Bedskirt styles may be gathered (softly shirred), tailored (straight skirt with center pleats on all three sides), boxpleated (with pleats approximately every 10 inches) or button-back pleated (straight skirt with center button back pleats on all three sides.)

European Shams (Euro Shams, for short) – Oversized decorative cushions measuring 26” x 26”.  Usually arranged in multiples against the headboard, Euros are also great as floor cushions. MVT Euros are edged in a variety of trims and/or sewing treatments (flanges, piping, welts) and are reversible for to expand your design options.  Euro Shams are unfilled; polyfills or down blend fills are available separately.

Standard Shams – Decorative pillow cases measuring 20” x 26”.  Sham accents include piping, welts, flanges, ruffles, buttons or elegant trims; all are zipper-finished with hidden zippers on the back and require a polyfill or down-blend fill.  Shams are also available in Queen (20” x 30”) and King (20” x 36”) sizes.

18” Pillow – A square decorative pillow finished with a concealed zipper on the back. 18” pillows are shipped with a polyfill insert.  A down-blend fill upgrade is available.  Our 18” pillows are usually grouped with a 14” pillow, a boudoir pillow and a neckroll.

14” Pillow – A smaller square decorative pillow, also with a well concealed zipper on the back.  Shipped with a polyfill insert.  A down-blend fill upgrade is available.  Like all MVT decorative pillows and shams, 14” pillows are available in any fabric and trim combination.

Boudoir Pillow – A decorative pillow measuring 12” x 16” and constructed with a hidden zipper and a polyfill insert.  Down-blend fill upgrade is available.  Boudoir pillows are appealing accents for upholstered chairs and sofas, too, and may be made from any MVT fabric and trim combination.  

Neckroll – A column-shaped decorative pillow measuring 7” in diameter and 14” long.  Neckrolls softly accent a multitude of square and rectangular pillows on the bed and provide soothing neck support for reading and sleeping.  Neckrolls are finished with a hidden zipper and a polyfill insert; down-blend fill upgrade is available.

Bolster – An oversized neckroll, typically placed in front of other decorative pillows.  Bolsters may be custom ordered for any size bed and are constructed with hidden zippers.

Fabric Throw – For accent, for warmth – decorative blankets featuring two complementary fabrics back-to-back with elegant trim along the edges. Throws typically measure 54” square and add an elegant and hospitable touch anywhere in the home.

Tableskirt – These round tablecloths drape accent tables to the floor. Available in any Mystic Valley Traders fabric, tableskirts are typically ordered in rounds of 72”, 90” or 108” and may be finished in piping or welts or in elegant trims.


 Ingeo™  The Story of Natural Living
Natural Living products are filled with revolutionary, naturally derived Ingeo™ fiber fill. Instead of using petroleum, Ingeo™ fibers are made from naturally wholesome raw materials like corn. Natural Living's mission is to provide an incredible sleeping experience through high-quality products while helping to preserve the Earth's precious natural resources.  

Making a Difference with Ingeo
Ingeo™ literally means “ingredients from the earth”.  It is a balance of humanity, nature and technology.  Ingeo™ fiber, is the world’s first commercially viable synthetic fiber derived entirely from annually renewable, natural resources.  Ingeo™ fibers combine the comfortable wear and feel of natural fibers such as cotton, wool and silk, with the ease of care and specialty performance of synthetics.  The fibers outperform polyester and offer the added advantage of reduced dependence on fossil fuels.  It takes 50% less energy to make Ingeo™ fiber than to make polyester.  The production of Ingeo™ fibers uses no harsh chemicals or solvents and emits 50 percent less greenhouse gasses than polyester production 

Ingeo™ is not only good for you, but also good for the environment since it originally came from a natural renewable resource.  Even more impressive is that Ingeo™ fibers deliver superior performance and a high-quality sleep experience night after night.

Amana Woolen Mill

 The Amana Woolen Mill is an integral part of the fabric of Amana history.  In 18th century Germany, Amana’s forefathers founded the “Church of True Inspiration”.  Seeking religious freedom, they endured hardship and persecution for over a century. 

The woolen mill was privately owned by several inspirational families.  Demonstrating the depth of their convictions, they liquidated the mill and donated the funds to help purchase passage for 800 members to immigrate to America.  By pooling their resources, the sect established a settlement near Buffalo, New York in 1842.  Here they adopted the communal way of life.  But as the growth of Buffalo encroached upon their insular community, the Inspirational looked west, and in 1855 settled in eastern Iowa. 

They erected the first of seven villages and named it “Amana” from a bible passage “to remain faithful”. 

Farming and industry were established, including the Woolen Mill started operation in Amana in 1857.  The members of the Amana Society lived peacefully and prospered. 

Then in 1923, tragedy struck.  The flour mill exploded, creating a blaze that consumed thirteen buildings.  The Woolen Mill was destroyed, except for the weaving department.  This blow precipitated the pivotal event in Amana history that followed a decade later. 

The depression, coupled with rapidly changing times compelled the Amana Society to end their communal way of life and reorganize into a privately held corporation.  This is known as the “Great Change of 1932”.   

In 1934, the Amana Woolen Mill Salesroom opened to the general public.  The mill busied itself producing blankets and yard goods as well as heavy coating and wool fabric for clothing manufacturers. 

Although down sized in 1985 due to economic conditions, today the warping and weaving departments remain in operation producing quality blankets and loungers in wool and cotton.  Any time you are in Amana Iowa drop by and see their mill and enjoy a piece of their rich heritage.

Badash Crystal 

Jack Badash entered the Gift Industry as a shipping clerk in 1936. Nine years later, after moving up the ranks and gaining invaluable experience and knowledge, he formed 'Javit Badash Inc.', the predecessor to Badash Crystal. Badash became known among buyers for his American made hand-cut and machine-cut tumblers, stemware, gifts, and vases. The business grew slowly but steadily over the next 35 years. In its heyday, Javit was the largest U.S. firm producing hand-cut and machine cut glassware. In 1980, Jack Badash sold the company and tried retirement. Being way too active and energetic, Jack was not yet suited for retirement, so after a few years of consulting, he began Jack Badash Inc. now known as Badash Crystal. Badash Crystal began with hand-cut tumblers as Javit had, then grew to include Russian crystal imports. In 1987, Jack's son, Mark Badash joined Badash Crystal after becoming disenchanted with the practice of law. Together, Jack and Mark have developed the business which has flourished and now provides its customers with unique, high quality gift selections from all over the world.

 What makes "Lead" Crystal?

The inclusion of at least 24% lead oxide in the composition is required by law for crystal to be called full lead crystal. The lead lends brilliance and weight to the product. Crystal without lead is still crystal, i.e. clear glass, however, it is more commonly perceived as "glass". The lead also make the crystal softer and more conducive to cutting. This is why the lead crystal is cut and for the most part, the unleaded crystal is not cut.

"Handcut" means the glass item is held against a spinning stone to "cut" the design. It is truly artistic workmanship at its best. Our 24% hand-cut lead crystal is produced in the finest factories in Europe by the same artisans that manufacture for Mikasa, Waterford, Lenox, and Sasaki. Every piece is individually and safely gift boxed. We offer superb quality and value for all your gift giving and/or personal pleasure.

Crystal without lead is not any less valuable than full lead crystal particularly when it is thick and heavy and finely designed such as our Sutton Galleries collection. In fact, clear uncut crystal has to be particularly fine quality because the flaws can not be hidden by the cuts. Our factories are renowned for their standards of quality which can be determined by the weight and clarity of the crystal.

Please note: Seeds or bubbles which are small are not flaws. Bubbles are formed by gases when chemicals are untied by the melting of raw materials. Seeds do not affect the quality of the glassware or its beauty.

Lowcountry Originals

Stretching from the northern beaches of Charleston, SC to the southern islands of Georgia lies the Lowcountry. From its past heaped in history and tradition to its easy-going, yet exciting present, this area has intrigued visitors and residents with swaying grey moss and the glistening sunlight reflections across its blue waters, make this one of the most distinct and sought-after areas in the world. Lowcountry Originals, founded in Fall 2009, nurtured the talents of extraordinary Lowcountry artists to create what is indeed a very unique line of lighting. Using natural materials like marsh reeds, old metals, driftwood and oyster shells, these talented artisans have crafted lighting that has captured the very essence of this very special area. Why even the candle sleeves are made of natural beeswax. Each piece can be completely customized in shape, size and finish to meet individual needs. These original creations are irving very popular to an ever-increasing and discriminating clientele who wish to enjoy the look, feel and style of the Lowcountry in their own homes.

About Surya

For more than 30 years, the name Surya has been synonymous with high quality, innovation and luxury. Our Fall 2009 collections are no exception. Our designers have masterfully created some of the most cutting edge and versatile pieces to date. Encompassing their expert understanding of the latest trends in fashion and interior design, each product is a perfect combination of color, pattern and texture.

In 1976, in the small Northeastern village of Ugapur, India, Surya M. Tiwari was a man set apart from the crowd. Working as a teacher and local contractor in his rural village, he knew of greater places and dreamed of a greater purpose. Countless tales of Bombay, its modern technology and its luxurious accommodations, drew him to the bustling coastal city. So like many inquisitive people from Ugapur, he set out to discover what possibilities might await him in such a place. But Surya did not simply go to Bombay and marvel; he approached each new discovery as an opportunity for greatness. And so, when he came to the famed Taj Hotel, he did not just stand outside and admire its beauty and opulence; he boldly went inside. It was there, in the lobby of one of world’s most prestigious hotels that Surya Tiwari was introduced to the Federated Group.

The Federated Group, known today as Macy’s Inc., went to India in 1976 in order to acquire new products for their growing number of American retail stores. They were interested in local, hand-made goods and were inviting anyone who could manufacture and supply these items to inquire. Surya was inspired by this prospect, and so he spoke with the Federated Group representative who sent him to New Delhi to meet with prospective buyers. Surya spoke with the buyers and pitched his ideas. The Federated buyers were intrigued, and told Surya that they would travel to Ugapur in one week to tour his manufacturing facility and see his products. Surya left New Delhi with one week to return to his village, establish some type of production site, and fabricate an entire collection of merchandise. Renting a traditional wedding tent and purchasing ready-made goods from local craftsmen, Surya was able to convince the Federated buyers that his products were right for their market. A daring endeavor had placed Surya Tiwari on his journey to success.

Over the next several years Surya continued to supply his Federated clients with products through his company, aptly named Surya. His first collection of rugs consisted of simple hand-knotted pieces of one or two colors. His business was growing, but Surya felt he could do more. From 1976 to 1985 he made many trips to the United States to work directly with his clients so that he could achieve a better understanding of their businesses and how he could provide higher quality service to each of them. The retailers encouraged him to establish an office within the U.S. to provide them with the direct personal contact they were missing. Ordering containers of goods from India was satisfactory, but it was impossible for them to specify items or to guarantee the arrival of top-selling products. Surya realized that immediate personal contact and service was the very thing that was needed to take his company to the next level. And, even though there were less than 10 Indian based corporations operating outside of India at that time, he began the long and laborious process of establishing his company abroad.

In 1986 it was made official. Surya M. Tiwari was granted authority to operate his business from within the United States. He made himself and his company unique by becoming directly involved in the process of improving and growing his clients’ businesses. As his list of customers grew, so too did his product selections. Today, Surya is the only rug manufacturer who has also developed a comprehensive collection of coordinating accessories to complement their rugs. Surya’s accessories include a unique assortment of hand crafted pillows and throws, an exclusive compilation of signed and numbered fine art pieces, and a variety of table and floor lamps.

In order to reach a wider range of buyers, Surya began participating in trade shows and markets in 1990. He was not allowed to lease a showroom for the 1990 Atlanta Market, so instead he rented available space at the nearby Westin Hotel and began making many valuable new contacts. In April of 2004, Surya appointed his son Satya Tiwari president of the company’s U.S. division. Surya’s direct involvement with its clients has resulted in them being an industry leader with more than 3,000 individual accounts. Employing the world’s best designers, Surya is known for their innovative use of color and design. And, with over 5,000 individual products Surya continues to be a premier source for today’s designs. Surya Inc. remains a vertically integrated manufacturer and currently exhibits in Atlanta, High Point, Las Vegas, New Delhi, and New York.

About Ellery Homestyles

Ellery Homestyles is a leading supplier of branded and private label home-fashion products to major retailers - offering curtains, bedding, throws and specialty products. Our proprietary brands deliver innovation in fashion, function and design and include Eclipse™ - the voice of authority for energy-saving, noise-reducing, blackout curtains; Curtainfresh™ - innovative curtains with odor-neutralizing technology developed in partnership with Arm & Hammer®; SoundAsleep™ room-darkening curtains, The Official Curtain of the National Sleep Foundation; ComfortTech™ - the only blankets and throws constructed with premium 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation, providing luxurious style, lightweight comfort and superior warmth; Vue™ - the home fashion brand that capitalizes on Ellery's "point of view" on fashion trends, and Waverly® - the oldest continuously advertised home fashions brand in America recognized by consumers for its distinctive traditional looks.


Products are warehoused and distributed from a 357,000 square foot facility in Lumber Bridge, North Carolina, which is located off of Interstate 95 with easy access to the Port of Charleston. Our facility in North Carolina employs both warehouse personnel and administrative support staff, resulting in effective supply chain management that allows us to efficiently meet customer requirements. A high-speed pillow filling operation with a capacity of approximately 40,000 pillows a week is also located within the facility. Ellery's 17,000 sq. foot headquarters in New York City is home to its in-house design studio, product development team, administrative offices and newly rennovated state-of-the-art showroom. Ellery also maintains offices in China, India and Pakistan.

Technology & Expertise

Ellery HomeStyles, LLC employs the latest technology and global network solutions, making our business highly efficient. Using the latest generation IBM AS400 system and an advanced Microsoft network with redundant Dell servers to handle all EDI, warehouse control and accounting functions, we are equally competent in order processing and manufacturing, as well as distribution planning and scheduling. The company employs state of the art CAD software to assist its designers in creating cutting edge home fashion designs. Our in-house high speed pillow filling operation allows us to maximize productivity, while maintaining premium quality and customer satisfaction.

Homestyles brings extraordinary to the ordinary. Our proprietary brands are developed to deliver innovation in fashion, function and design. Fostering strong partnerships with unique ingredient-brands allows Ellery Homestyles to offer one-of-a-kind consumer product solutions.

Experience the world of Ellery Homestyles' home fashion products today! As a leading supplier of branded and private label home-fashion products, we bring excitement and innovation to window treatments, bedding, shower curtains, blankets & throws as well as variety of unique specialty products. Our mission is to lead the industry with innovative, value-added consumer products that are on-trend for the various markets we serve.

It is through the combined vision of artists, designers and craftsmen at Rizzy Home that our exceptional product lines come to life; nowhere is this more evident than with our Rizzy Home Rug Collections. With one of the most expansive lines in the industry, Rizzy has constructions ranging from high-end, hand-knotted luxury items to the most durable and innovative power-loomed pieces. Designers from around the world can pull from Rizzy's diverse offerings to create one-of-a-kind interiors for their clients' homes and businesses. With over 90% of our collections still being made by hand, we are proud to use traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. From hand -spun yarn to hand-stitched fabrics and hand-drawn designs, every Rizzy product is the result of hardworking hands. It is with such a dedication to art and craft that we are able to offer beautiful, timeless design and long-lasting, hand-made constructions. With strict adherence to a high set of quality standards, Rizzy Home is committed to delivering outstanding products that are unmatched in color, construction and design.

Wooded River Ensembles

Wooded River Leather Products:

Marks are common on real leather. It’s a Aniline and will show markings pre-existing on the hide from any brands, bites and natural markings.

Tulsa, Timber, Branch and Moss Leather

A distinctive leather, every hide will have a personality of its own. Drum dyed, Stallone hides are then hand sanded, giving each one an individual look, accented by the natural markings that Mother Nature has already provided. An application of wax allows for a slight pull but to eliminate the raspy feel of sanded hides, a coat of silicon completes the process leaving a finished article that will be uniquely rustic. The leather enthusiast will recognize it as a natural product with the healed scars, fat wrinkles, and range marks. Due to the character of this leather, significant color variations are to be expected and accepted.

If you have a question about any of our products, can't find what you are looking for, or just want to chat, let us know at  We would like very much to have your comments about our site and about our products.  We take every comment very seriously.

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