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All Season Wool Comforters - Holy Lamb OrganicsAll Season Wool Comforters - Holy Lamb OrganicsThis wool comforter is designed for people who live in a climate where the temperature changes dramatically between winter and summer. Two comforters, in the "cool comfort" tie together, allowing you to take one off when the warm weather arrives. They are similar to our standard wool comforter in every way except they tie together.
Dual Weight Wool Comforters - Holy Lamb OrganicsDual Weight Wool Comforters - Holy Lamb OrganicsThis wool comforter is designed specifically for partners who have different body temperatures. Does your sleeping partner always kick off the covers while you pull them closer? We will make you a custom comforter tailored to each person's specific warmth requirements. Each side will be a different temperature weight.
Wool Comforters - Holy Lamb OrganicsWool Comforters - Holy Lamb OrganicsSnuggle up with our natural hand made wool comforter. This style of comforter suits most people. It is filled with 100% pure grown eco-wool and covered with an organic cotton Sateen fabric (250 threads per inch).

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