Gramercy Collection - GM-11 Lagoon - Momeni Rugs - Discontinuing

Gramercy Collection - GM-11 Lagoon - Momeni Rugs - Discontinuing
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Gramercy Collection - GM-11 Lagoon - Momeni Rugs
Gramercy is a collection of open-backed hand-loomed rugs which carry the look of higher-end hand-knotted pieces, with casual appeal. Earth and muted tones in simple designs give this collection its unique look. Hand-loomed in India of 100% wool.

Sizes: 2' x 3', 3'.6" x 5'.6", 5' x 8', 7'.6" x 9'.6", 8' x 11', 9'.6" x 13'.6", 2'.6" x 8'

Color:  lagoon

The following are instructions for care and handling of your rug: If these are followed your rug will remain in great condition for many years. It is highly recommended that you vacuum your rug once a week. If your rug has fringes, be careful when vacuuming. Do not vacuum the fringes as they may pull. Vacuuming the rug regularly helps avoid moth problems. If anything is to spill on the rug make sure that you remove it quickly by using a damp paper towel. Do not drag the towel along the stained area, just tapping the area will suffice. Then you can use a spoon to retract the excess spillage. If in any case the spillage is a dark liquid, such as coffee, wine, soda, etc., use a moist towel with soap and water. Do not leave the rug wet as it may form mildew and could cause the rug to rot. Do not expose the rug to sunlight on a regular basis. Too much sunlight causes the colors to fade which in turn creates unevenness in the colors of the rug. For true professional cleaning we suggest that you contact an expert cleaning company.

If in stock, these usually ship out within 2 to 3 business days. If not in stock, will take several weeks. Please call or e-mail us if you want the estimate time of shipping.
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