Dual Weight Wool Comforters - Holy Lamb Organics

Dual Weight Wool Comforters - Holy Lamb Organics
Comforter - Hi-Country Bedding and Bath
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This wool comforter is designed specifically for partners who have different body temperatures. Does your sleeping partner always kick off the covers while you pull them closer? We will make you a custom comforter tailored to each person's specific warmth requirements. Each side will be a different temperature weight.

NOTE: BE AWARE, BEFORE PURCHASING with a dual weight comforter one half of the bed will be slightly higher than the other. If this aesthetic is of concern, purchase one of the other styles.
Hand made in the USA by Holy Lamb Organics using organic cotton Sateen and pure wool batting.

Pure eco wool fill
Organic cotton fabric cover
Machine washable gentle with special instructions
Hand made in Oakville, WA by Holy Lamb Organics

Sizes: Twin 68" x 86", Full/Queen 86" x 86", King 100" x 86"

These usually ship out within 5 to 7 business days when in stock.
COMBO #1 - One person always hot, other always cold. 1/2 Extra Warmth & 1/2 Cool Comfort
Full/Queen Size 86" x 86" - 5.1 lbs
King Size 100" x 86" - 5.9 lbs
COMBO #2 - One person just fine, other person always hot. 1/2 Perfect Comfort & 1/2 Cool comfort
Full/Queen Size 86" x 86" - 3.8 lbs
King Size 100" x 86" - 4.4 lbs
COMBO #3 - One person just fine, other person always cold. 1/2 Perfect Comfort & 1/2 Extra Warmth
Full/Queen Size 86" x 86" - 5.8 lbs
King Size 100" x 86" - 6.6 lbs
Hi-Country Bedding and Bath
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