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2N1 Wool Duvets by Daniadown2N1 Wool Duvets by DaniadownChose your comfort level! Daniadown's 2N1 Wool duvets feature two duvets. A summer weight duvet; a four season weight duvet. Snap them together to make a winter weight duvet. Daniadown wool duvets ONLY contain JOMA wool from New Zealand. Wool duvets are hypoallergic because they naturally inhibit the growth of dust mites, bacterica, mold and mildew.
Silk Duvets - DaniadownSilk Duvets - DaniadownAre you finding your down duvet too warm for the summer? If so this is the perfect solution to having the comfort of a duvet with the coolness of silk. Natural, breathable, cool comfort!

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