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Clocks Business Card Holder SU363 by Badash CrystalClocks Business Card Holder SU363 by Badash CrystalThis 3 .75 Long Clock Can Seat Those Guests At The Party Or Hold Your Business Cards On Your Desk; Anyway You Want To Do It Is Okay With Us. Corporate Logos Are Begging For This One!
Clocks Half Moon Crystalized SU311 by Badash CrystalClocks Half Moon Crystalized SU311 by Badash CrystalThis a really unique timepiece with hand carved facets along the back of it to make a sharp looking design and enhance an already great looking clock. Terrific for bridal or corporate gifts and can be personalized easily.
Clocks Penholder SU319 by Badash CrystalClocks Penholder SU319 by Badash CrystalPencil Holder Clock- Exquisite handcrafted solid crystal pen/pencil holder with built in timepiece.

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